First week of YTT done!

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…and I love it! ♡ We’re having so much fun! Our teachers are great, and the other 24 people attending the teacher training are all lovely, inspiring people!

The first week we have focused on anatomy, and between the morning and evening Asana practice, we’ve had 10h a day of anatomy with a certified physiotherapist. I think everyone has learned a lot! :)

My teachers showing how to do preparation for wheel pose.

Keep practicing! :)

Namaste ♡


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Thought it was time for a short update and some pictures! So far we’ve spent a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur and arrived Pankor Laut resort this morning. Both the city and the beach life can be recommended, people are super nice and food and drinks are very very cheap! For those of us coming from expensive Norway, shopping at KLCC can also be recommended. The prices is about 1/3 of the NOK. Perfect! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful time wherever you are in the world!

Namaste ♥

A new adventure begins…

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Today was my last day of work in the bank! Good bye boring job, hello fun and adventure! :)

I must admit it was a bit sad to say goodbye to all my colleagues. They are super sweet, and I even got presents; a beautiful little Orchid and yogi tea, and my boss had ordered cake!

Tomorrow morning, 9:30 am, I’ll be leaving for Malaysia with my boyfriend for two weeks, and the adventure will begin. After a relaxing city and beach holiday I’ll be traveling to Koh Samui on my very own March 2nd, ready for 200 hours of yoga teacher training. All in all 6 1/2 weeks of sun, holiday and yoga. Perfect! :)

In Malaysia we’ll spend about five days in Kuala Lumpur and the rest at a beautiful beach resort at a litttle island on the east coast of Malaysia called Pankor Laut. We were realy lucky and got a honeymoon upgrade even though we’re not honeymooners. Nice!

Even though the thought of not having a job when I get back worried me in the beginning, I’m not at least worried about that anymore. I think it’s all going to work out perfectly fine, and all I can feel is excitement!! Woop woop :D Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me in all my crazy stuff :)

Absolute Sanctuary where I will stay for my YTT. Beautiful!

Wish me luck!

Namaste ♥

Yummy Healthy Brownie (can it be better?!)

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My boyfriend and I have spent a couple of hours trying out Zizi’s raw brownie cakes ( We both wanted a snack, but didn’t want to dive in to chocolate heaven on a Tuesday night.

In this brownie there’s no sugar, milk or butter. Only nuts, 100% cocoa and dates.

These ones can definitely be recommended! Deliciously yummy :)

Thank you Zizi!

Namaste ♥

Yoga Weekend at Oslo Yoga Festival

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This weekend I have attended Oslo Yoga Festival ( and it was a lot of fun!

I’ve tried a lot of new yoga styles;  some that I truly loved, and others not so much.

On Friday I left work early to attend the festival, and the first class I attended was Prana Flow® Yoga with Mia Hasser Hozhona. This was one of the classes I really liked! Prana Flow® Yoga is American yogini Shiva Rea’s delicious version of vinyasa flow, and stems from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, bhakti, tantric shaivism, ayurveda, somatics and Shiva’s long experience, and the class was themed around the element Earth.

After the Prana Flow® Yoga class I attended a class of Kundalini Satsang. The class was a combination of simple kundalini yoga excercises with a profound philosophical discourse by senior kundalini yoga teacher Guru Dharam Singh, accompanied with live music by Radical Devotion. The class lasted for two hours, chanting and doing easy exercises, even though  everything gets heavy when you have to do it 108 times. I must admit that this type of yoga wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

Friday was finished of with a lecturer Elisabeth Engqvist talking about Yoga for stress, exhaustion and burnout.

On Saturday I started the day trying out Iyengar Yoga with Leela Hansen. She focused on how we can protect our lower back in yoga poses, and guided us through different poses to relieve lower back pains and teach basic principles for working correctly with the lower back in different yoga poses. It was the first time I tried Iyengar Yoga, and it was fun to try yoga with blocks and straps, but it’s not something I will start to practice on my own.

Following the Iyengar class I attended a Jivamukti class with Øystein Ohna. This was my absolute favorite class of the weekend. Loved it! Even though this class is the reason that I hardly can walk today. The class was really inspiring and filled with fun and laughter, and reminded me of why I started with yoga in the first place, and why I love yoga so much. The term ‘Jivamukti’ comes from two Sanskrit words – ‘jiva’ meaning the physical existence and mukti meaning salvation. Together they mean attaining salvation and union with God even while one lives, which is the ultimate goal of Yoga. Jivamukti Yoga is a spiritual and uplifting, as well as physically challenging form of yoga, and is one of the nine official forms of Hatha Yoga. The lesson emphasized the physical yoga positions presented in vinyasa style (liquid / flow) and incorporated chanting, focus on breathing and meditation.

Next I tried out Acro Yoga with Boris and Nina which was both fun and challenging. The class introduced us to partner yoga and therapeutic flying; a flying massage in the meeting between acrobatics, yoga and massage. The class was something totally different, and I think everyone had a lot of fun!

To end the day I went to a tantsu class with Ateeka. This was such a beautiful class, nice and relaxing and the perfect end to an active day. Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu) is a pleasurable and profound bodywork practice in which we open our hearts to others through whole body holding, contact, shared breath and light stretching that evokes a state of deep relaxation and connection. You should try it out! (

Today my muscles was soooo sore when I woke up. I literally woke up of my body hurting. And I felt really hungover. Ouch! I guess my body got a yoga overdose this weekend. Anyway, I want over to the festival in the morning to watch a movie called The Feminine Unfolding with Angela Farmer. A beautiful movie about an extraordinary woman.

After the movie I wanted to attend a restorative class, but I guess there were others than me that had sore muscles, because that class was totally full when I met up. Since I enjoyed the  Prana Flow® class on Friday so much, and Mia had this class today as well, I choose to attend that class instead. Today that class was themed around the elements of Water (flexibility, pleasure) and Fire (direction, focus, intention, integrity).

All in all it’s been a great weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Keep practicing :)